Accessibility Information

Unmasked by Megan Zong

Information on the Venue: Studio 914


Studio 914 (click for map) uses street parking on 20th Street as well as on Avenue I and Avenue J as available. There is a loading zone in front of the building next door (to the East) just past the bus stop on the North side of 20th Street at Avenue I.

The venue will open roughly 30minutes before the performance with the theatre opening sometime thereafter. Late arrivals will be seated at the discretion of front of house staff.


The theatre has risers with chairs, as well as chair seating on the floor level. Wheelchair users and those sitting with them can be easily accommodated by removing chairs from the floor-level. Front of house staff will be happy to handle this. Staff will be stationed in the foyer and at the doors to the theatre.

Stairs and Doors

The venue does not require the audience to use stairs. The outside doors lead to a small entryway which leads to another door to the main foyer. Unfortunately, these doors are not automatic. There will be staff in the lobby to assist as required and a doorbell can alert staff inside if needed. There are double doors into the theatre which will be propped open before the performance and closed when the performance begins.


The washrooms are down a short hallway from the theatre and have wheelchairs-accessible stalls.

Washrooms are (unfortunately) labeled by gender. We encourage you to use whichever you feel most comfortable using and we will support you in that choice.

Information on the Production: Unmasked

Performance Length

The play runs approximately 75 minutes without an intermission.

Leaving During the Performance

We encourage you to take care of yourself during the performance (see our Content Conversations section). If you need to leave during the performance for whatever reason, please do. Front of House staff will be in the lobby and may be able to assist you. You will be re-seated at their discretion with the aim of not disrupting the show. 

Audio Amplification, Lighting & Atmosphere

Sound cues are played through a speaker system. Some cues are quite loud and abrupt while many are low and ambient. The audience spends most of the play in the dark with lights focused on the performers onstage. A UV light (the kind that allows things to “glow in the dark”) is frequently used. At times, the audience lights will rise and the audience will be visible.

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